Royalty Free Music - Gaia Earth Frequency Meditation

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Deep and calming meditation music with theta wave binaural beats and tuned to 432 Hz frequency for stress relief, deep relaxation and healing.

This track is royalty free meaning that you can use it in any product such as meditation or hypnosis video on YouTube, podcast, online yoga course, etc. After buying a license you can use this music in any product or video. You pay only once. This is a royalty free license and it allows multiple use with no additional fees (royalties) paid after. The only limitation is that you can't claim copyright on this music in any way (release this music on streaming platforms or content_id services).

With all questions and requests, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Instagram, we're happy to help!

Youtube Usage and Copyright Claims simply follow step by step instructions from this video

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This music is part of Healing Meditation Music Royalty Free Library. subscribe to get access to this and many more similar tracks at once! Great offer for creators posting regularly, you'll get to choose whichever music fits best without need to license each track separately!

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Deep and healing meditation music that will immediately create relaxing and inspiring atmosphere in your meditative project. Your audience would want to get back to it over and over again!

30 minutes & 1 hour long version
432 Hz
Binaural beats used
7.83 Hz theta waves
Non-binaural version
is also included in the pack
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Royalty Free Music - Gaia Earth Frequency Meditation

13 ratings
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